USD Campus/Campus Housing FAQs

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Where do we eat?

  • La Paloma in the Kroc building. Four lunches, reserved for our group. Wide range of options. Convenient to classes.
  • Pavilion Dining for dorm residents only: Day 2 and 3 breakfasts, arrival dinner

     Additional dining, not covered by meal cards:

  • La Gran Terraza, finer dining, reasonable cost, 11:30am-2pm 
  • Tu Mercado for salads, sandwiches, even gelato 
  • Torero Tu Go Food Truck, outside KIPJ Building, close to classes: sandwiches, salads, wraps, 8am-2pm

Where can I get coffee, bottled water, and snacks?

  • Tu Mercado, 7:30am-6pm
  • La Paloma at Kroc Institute 11am-2pm
  • Copley Library vending machines
  • Student Lounge in Olin
  • MRH Foyer

Where do I park?

  • WEST parking structure. We’ll give you a 4-day pass while parking on day 1 (look for AP staff.)  Put permit on your left dash. Park in the WEST LOT (#2 on campus map) or the Mission Lot (#48), WHITE SPACES ONLY (otherwise you will be ticketed.)  Dorm residents can park around Manchester Village Apartments.  

Where is the Bookstore and what are its hours?

  • Located just west of Tu Mercado (#34 on campus map)
  • Mon-Thurs: 9 am – 5 pm, Fri: 9 am – 4 pm

Where can I make copies?

  • Bookstore has Xerox machines for student use
  • Copy Center (#24 on campus map)
  • King’s Printing, 1133 W Morena Blvd, is great for bigger jobs

Where is the ATM?

  • US Bank ATM on the west outside wall of Hahn University Center

Where can I get “online”?

  • Complimentary WiFi, get code from AP faculty

Is there a pool, weight room and gym?

  • Located at the Sports Center next to dorms
  • Pool complimentary
  • Mission Fitness & Jenny Craig Fitness require $10/day pass

For Manchester Village Apartment Residents

Review of Housing Accommodations:

Single Room:

Single person bedroom w/ private bath in a two-bedroom apartment

  • Park in white spaces around apartments or in underground parking
  • Apartments have refrigerator & microwave
  • Towels, linens, and soap are provided for all rooms
  • Rooms do not include any extra amenities (no TV, VCR, phone, alarm clock, hair dryer, hangers, kitchen utensils.)
  • A television is located in lounge.
  • The apartments are NOT air conditioned.  The hall ways and public areas are air conditioned.
  • Check in 4-6pm. Late check in call 619 260-4623 before 10pm; call 619 260-4000 after 10pm
  • Spouses and family members cannot stay in dorms with attendees.
  • Laundry facilities are available with credit card vending machine. Detergent available at Tu Mercado.
  • Log on internet as USD Guest using your e-mail address. Don’t use credit card to purchase a code when you first attempt to log on.
  • Vending machines are located in lounge.
  • The Jenny Craig Pavilion features a gym, locker room, and weight room. A pool and tennis courts are located adjacent to the Manchester Village Apartments at the Sports Center. Pool is complimentary; fee for other facilities.


See meal venues above. Dorm residents will receive a Dining Card at registration for Arrival dinner, Day 2 and Day 3 breakfasts, and four lunches. Day 1 and Day 4 breakfasts are catered for AP by the Sea. Consult Agenda for meal times.  Day 2 and Day 3 breakfasts at Pavilion begins at 7:00am.  We provide a dedicated shuttle from dorms to Pavilion Dining from 6:40 till 6:55.  Classes start at 7:30, but faculty is aware you might be 15 minutes late.

Please notify USD in advance of any special dietary needs or physical restrictions you may have.


From 7-8 am on final day at Manchester Village Apartments. Storage for luggage will be provided for those individuals who are not leaving immediately upon check-out, but keys must be turned in to the check-out site by 8 am. Residents who lose or fail to turn in their keys at the time of check-out will be assessed a lost key charge of $40.00 and possibly an extra night’s lodging. You may also store luggage with us at Mother Rosalie Hill Hall (MRH.)  The shuttle runs from dorm to MRH from 7:15 to 7:30am.  (Shuttle also runs from 7:15 to 7:30am from dorm to Day 1 Registration at MRH.)