Session 3: July 23-26, 2018


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Course Description


Each of the four major content areas will be included in this workshop – exploratory data analysis, experimental design/surveys, probability/simulations and statistical inference.  By the end of the workshop, new teachers will have a broad understanding of AP Statistics course content and experienced teachers will refine their previous understanding.  All teachers will gain practical teaching knowledge, including strategies for teaching specific concepts and how to appropriately use technology. 
The format of the AP Statistics exam will be reviewed along with ways to create unit assessments that mimic the AP exam.  AP Statistics Free Response questions, scoring guidelines and sample student solutions will be reviewed in detail along with common student errors and misconceptions.  Suggested resources, ideas for projects and test prep recommendations will round out the workshop.  Participants will have ample opportunity to collaborate, ask questions and wrestle with the big ideas of AP Statistics. 
Participants are encouraged to bring a TI-83/TI-84 (or similar) graphing calculator and a laptop, if possible.



Day 1                  

•    Introductions and Workshop Expectations
•    Course Overview
•    Student Considerations, including Equity and Access
•    Constructing Your Syllabus and Resources at AP Central
•    Exploratory Data Analysis
•    Gathering Data: Experimental Design
•    Introduction to the Exam, Teaching Resources, Exploratory Data Analysis & Experimental Design/Surveys
•    Multiple Choice Practice on Exploratory Data Analysis

Day 2                

•    AP Statistics Exam 2017 Exploratory Data Analysis
•    Gathering Data: Sampling Methods and Surveys
•    Probability: Geometric, Binomial and Conditional
•    Simulation
•    The Central Limit Theorem and Sampling Distributions
•    Multiple Choice Practice on Experimental Design, Probability and Sampling Methods
•    Review of AP Statistics Exam 2017 Experimental Design, Probability and Sampling Methods

Day 3                

•    Confidence Intervals – construction, interpretation and conclusions
•    Hypothesis Testing – one and two sample for means and proportions
•    Type I and Type II errors and Violating Conditions for Inference
•    Hypothesis Tests Involving   
•    Multiple Choice Practice on Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing
•    Review of AP Statistics Exam 2017 Inference Questions

Day 4                 

•    Inference for Regression, including Computer Output
•    Technology Considerations
•    Sharing of Research (for those taking the class for credit)
•    Attacking the Investigative Task
•    Multiple Choice Practice on Regression
•    Review of AP Statistics Exam 2017 Investigative Task
•    Practical Tips for Success
•    Evaluations


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About the Instructor: Leigh Nataro


I began my career as a mathematics teacher in 1992 and have teaching experience at both public and independent schools. Fifteen of those years have included teaching high school statistics, AP Statistics and statistics at the community college level. I currently teach at Moravian Academy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where I also serve as chair of the Upper School Mathematics Department.

Educational Background

• BA in Mathematics from Messiah College

• Master of School Mathematics from Iowa State University

• National Board Certified Teacher (renewed 2015)

AP Experience

I have served as a reader since 2010 and I have written multiple-choice items for the AP Statistics Exam. I have served as an AP Consultant giving 1-day and 4-day workshops for AP Statistics since 2015.